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Create An Efficient Online Store with BigCommerce Agency; Here’s How!

BigCommerce Agency

Creating an online store can significantly expand your audience and increase sales regardless of the company’s size. BigCommerce is an excellent option if you’re trying to create an online store. Due to its user-friendly interface and broad feature set, BigCommerce has recently grown in popularity as a platform of choice for multiple significant firms, including Ben & Jerry’s, Woolrich, and SkullCandy. You may obtain a general understanding of a step-by-step tutorial for using this platform to create an online store in this blog. So let’s get started!

Step 1: Getting Started with BigCommerce

BigCommerce makes it simple to get started when creating an online store. The platform is simple to use and navigate. Various pricing options are also offered, making it affordable for companies of different sizes.

  • Pick a plan for your budget: Always choose one that accommodates your budget and your unique business needs. It’s crucial to think about the features and advantages offered by each plan and how they fit with your objectives.
  • Select personalized templates: There are various possibilities when it comes to personalizing the look of your business. The templates offered by BigCommerce are both expert and attractive, and you can select one of them. However, working with a BigCommerce agency is a fantastic choice if you want a distinctive design that distinguishes you from your rivals. They may produce an exceptional design that fits your brand and appeals to your intended market.

In a nutshell, using BigCommerce to launch an online business is a great decision. The platform is dependable, easy to use, and has many customization choices. It’s an excellent choice for companies of all sizes, thanks to the various pricing levels offered and the option to work with a BigCommerce agency for bespoke designs.

Step 2: Creating a Product Catalog

To make it simpler for customers to explore and locate what they’re looking for, it’s critical to ensure that your products are appropriately categorized while developing your product catalog. Additionally, this aids SEO and raises your search engine rankings. Make your products stand out using concise and descriptive product titles and descriptions.

  • Include photographs: Including photographs in your product catalog is essential because shoppers frequently base their decisions on visual signals. To give customers a better understanding of what they’re purchasing, ensure your photographs are of good quality and display your products from several angles.
  • Create product alternatives: You can create product alternatives such as various colors, sizes, and other variations with the assistance of a BigCommerce developer. It is helpful for items like apparel and accessories in multiple versions.
  • Create product kits: Products or bundles can raise your average order value and boost your revenue.

Step 3: Setting Up Payment Options

  • Secure payment method: Security should be your first concern when setting up payment alternatives for your online store. Use a secure payment channel like PayPal or Stripe, integrated into the BigCommerce platform, as securing your clients’ sensitive data is paramount. These payment processors provide strong security features and a simple checkout process for your clients. You can establish confidence with your consumers and boost the likelihood that they will complete their purchases by choosing a well-known and reputable payment provider.
  • Multiple payment methods: You can also look into different payment methods, like Google Wallet or Apple Pay. These payment options are gaining popularity and can provide customers with a smooth checkout process. The payment alternatives you select for your online business can significantly impact how satisfied and confident your customers are in your company.

You can increase your company’s success by working with a BigCommerce agency or expert to set up your payment options securely and effectively.

Step 4: Customizing Your Storefront

Building an online store representing your company and standing out from the competition requires you to customize your storefront.

  • Use customization tools: You can create a distinctive and customer-friendly store using the available customization tools. Customers may learn more about your company and feel more connected to your brand by adding pages like an About Us or Contact page.
  • Create a navigation menu: Another significant customization choice that might make it easier for visitors to find what they’re looking for on your website is the creation of a navigation menu. A BigCommerce agency can assist you in developing a user-friendly navigation menu that successfully guides customers to the products they are looking for.
  • Other choices: Incorporating a logo or altering the color palette can significantly change how your storefront appears and feels.

A BigCommerce developer can assist you in selecting the customization options that are best for your brand and your company’s objectives. Contact a BigCommerce agency for assistance if you need help customizing your storefront.

Step 5: Upgrading Your Website Plan

  • Upgrade website plan: You might discover that your current website plan will only satisfy your business demands as you develop and grow your online store. Upgrading your website plan can help with that. You can access more features and advantages by upgrading your plan, which will help your business develop. You can assess your current plan and decide whether it’s time to update it with the aid of a BigCommerce agency.
  • Select a plan within your budget: Selecting a plan that meets your budget and business demands is crucial when considering an upgrade. BigCommerce has several plans with varied features and price ranges, so you may choose one that suits your needs.
  • Choose a plan with advanced features: Advanced features like abandoned cart recovery, gift vouchers, or customer segmentation may be included in some plans. You can enhance customer experience and boost sales with these features.
  • Compare plan prices and features: It’s crucial to remember that changing your plan could result in extra expenses, such as transaction fees or higher monthly rates. However, the long-term advantages of upgrading can outweigh the disadvantages. Before choosing a plan, you should carefully compare the features and prices of each one.

Increasing your website plan may be a wise decision as your online store expands. You may assess your present plan, select the best update, and guarantee a smooth transfer with the aid of a BigCommerce agency.

Step 6: Adding a Domain and Other Options

  • Custom Domain: A custom domain for your online store makes it easier for customers to find you and enhances your brand identity. BigCommerce provides the option to integrate a custom domain seamlessly.
  • Improved SSL: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is crucial for securing your customers’ sensitive information and building trust. BigCommerce offers improved SSL options to ensure secure transactions and protect customer data.
  • Business Email Address: A professional email address associated with your domain adds credibility to your online store. BigCommerce allows setting up a business email address using services like Google Workspace.

Your online store will be easier to find for customers if you have a custom domain. Additional services, including improved SSL and a business email address, are optional. These are the aspects you should think about and go over with a BigCommerce agency.


In conclusion, using BigCommerce to create an online store is a fantastic solution for companies of all sizes. BigCommerce offers a variety of pricing tiers, fully-customizable storefronts, and safe payment methods, giving you all the tools you need to prevail in the cutthroat world of eCommerce.

Utilize the platform’s tools to organize your product catalog and build up a navigation menu, for example, to give your customers an easy-to-use purchasing experience. A BigCommerce agency or developer might be a big help if you need help figuring out where to begin.

A BigCommerce developer at Vserve can assist you in making your website reach its full potential effortlessly.

This blog is inspired by the video: “BigCommerce Tutorial 2023 (Make an eCommerce Store The Easy Way)” by “Santrel Media.”